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Pictures of Suzi 4x4 with my Round Oz Trailer

Suzuki LWB 4×4 with my home built trailer. Ignore wheelie bins behind it… Spare 10-litre petrol can strapped on a shelf behind the trailer mudguard. Trailer spare wheel on the A frame with LPG bottle. Water tank filler is a 2” white pipe sticking up at the back of the wheelie bin. Tank is a piece of 6” or so PVC water pipe under the top of the trailer. Trailer has long springs (3 of 5 leaves from the Suzi) and cheap, short car dampers (shock absorbers). Suzi has upgraded springs and shocks to make it bearable.

Sink and cooker this side. Storage in the other. Hatch in the back of the trailer is for longitudinal storage of the frame tent. Axle stand for when parked has multiple uses. Never needed it as an axle stand on the trip though. Suzuki tail board made by me with drop down rather than stupid side opening. Suzuki spare wheel hanger uses the original tailgate hinges. After market heavy GRP canopy (second hand) to replace rag top.

Suzi under bonnet. Bonnet tips all the way back to the (foldable) windscreen. Second deep cycle battery for fridge RHS of picture behind jack. Like the space was made for it. Air filter below carb with low level drain and high level intake to stop water ingress. Air intake runs behind the standard battery. Distributor at the back of the OHC as high as possible, away from water. All HT stuff high up.

Burketown to Daly Waters road, pictured bottom-left. The “Top Road” as it’s known locally. Many miles of this. Slow but otherwise no problem to drive. Lots of river crossings, most not deep.

Stopped to help a Holden Kingswood whose driver wasn’t prepared to drown it in the river (bottom-right). I drove through with the trailer first, unhitched it, then drove back and used a long strap to tow the Holden through. In Kakadu National Park which is about the size of Wales but a lot slower to drive through. Easier than the Top Road except for the many off road tracks. Lightweight polycarbonate bull bar replaced enormously heavy steel one. Good for tracks with fast growing trees in them. Or low speed crashes into animals. We didn’t hit any so fortunately had no need to test it. 1300cc engine is about 60hp, I think. Second tent bought in Cairns when we realised we needed more space for 2 adults and 2 year old daughter and our stuff, is tied to the roof. Year 1989, 17,000 km trip, about 10,000 km on the dirt. Melbourne to Adelaide the long way. No mechanical issues. One puncture.