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Toy Car and More

Built for my daughter when she was somewhat younger than she is now, this 3 wheeled car had rack and pinion steering and a Suffolk Punch lawn mower engine. Electric start (from a Honda 250 motorbike engine) added, governor removed. Final drive via 9:1 reduction gearbox (from an old self propelled mower) and V belt to a beech ply machined pulley. The driving wheel came from the dead mower with a hub, including drum brake, machined from a Yamaha step-through motorbike front wheel.

I also machined the steering wheel from beech ply.

I built the wagon shown below to tow behind the car, among other things. Originally had hard plastic lawn mower wheels, so I fitted rear independent trailing arm suspension. It’s still on it even though I now have pneumatic kid’s kick scooter wheels. This has been the most useful and fun toy. More fun for kids and more use to me than the car. Still get used to this day.